Our first names


The first name in real estate

Rob Rumfitt is a Trust Manager at First Names Group in Jersey. Despite living in the internet age, Rob is an unapologetic “bricks and mortar” guy. Managing a team responsible for the establishment and administration of a wide variety of corporate structures he has a specific affinity for commercial real estate. He goes out of his way to look beyond the numbers - getting a feel for the property assets and people involved in every transaction. Above all, he strives to never let a client down.

Obstacles are those frightening things you see when you take your eyes off your goal

A prolific reader as a child, Rob could hardly wait to attend University to study the English language in greater depth. A degree in English from the University of Leicester followed, as did a further qualification in teaching English as a foreign language. Prior to joining the First Names Group in 2013 Rob gained valuable experience in various client-facing roles in financial and legal services.

Rob likes to face things head on. Diplomatic but direct, he goes straight to the core of the issue with a heady mix of inspiration and perspiration. He firmly believes success is a mixture of effort and ingenuity and always brings both attributes to the table. He really values Paula Thompson who is always ready to both challenge and support him in the interests of the client.


Not a man to do anything in half measure, Rob plans to not only run a marathon, but also an ultra-marathon within the next few years. This is impressive given that he only took up running a few years ago. When he is not out pounding the pavement Rob is most likely to be found with a book in his hand.